Thursday, December 4, 2008

Keep Calm & Carry On

I have this habit of arriving at least half an hour early to a meeting, sitting quietly alone in the meeting room waiting for everybody to come & do a little 'knowledge-scouring' web surfing as I'd love to call it. My day-to-day job involves a lot of distractions just like most of us do (phone calls, people coming to the workstation to ask for something, ad-hoc instructions etc.) and when I arrive home I am always extremely tired so it really helps to have a little time of my own to do some 'knowledge-scouring'. And so this time I found this via LOVE blog after stumbling upon the poster many times:

What is required?: World War II is now upon us, so we need to communicate the need to stay calm.

Target audience: The entire population of Great Britain.

Media: Poster.

Deadline: ASAP

As briefs go, they probably don’t get more challenging than this one. But after being set by King George VI in 1939, the result was one of the most memorable posters ever produced. Even though it never saw the light of day until 50+ years later, when it tipped-up in a box of old books in Northumberland, it was just the sort of ‘stiff upper lip’ message that was needed during those times.

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